Terms and Conditions


(a) You must use the Research Cloud in a secure manner, follow all security guidelines and policies available on http://support.rc.nectar.org.au/docs/security-guidelines

(b) Your use of the Research Cloud may be monitored for all lawful purposes, to ensure that the use is authorised, for management of the system, to facilitate protection against unauthorised access, and to verify security procedures, availability and operational security.

(c) Unauthorised use is prohibited and may result in administrative and/or legal action. If you do not understand this notice, disconnect immediate, do not proceed further and contact the Research Cloud Support team on support@rc.nectar.org.au


(a) You must, through the conduct of usage, ensure that it and all users strictly observe and comply with every respect with all applicable Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation relating to biological, ethical or radiation safeguards and all ethics, codes and guidelines adopted by the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator and all other relevant regulatory agencies operating in Australia.

(b) You agree to provide assistance to the University of Melbourne to monitor and ensure continued compliance by Users of clause (a) in using the Service

(c) Subject to clause 2(e), you must nominate to the University of Melbourne one or more higher education institution(s) or Commonwealth or State research organisation with a relevant ethics committee constituted in accordance with the legislation, codes and guidelines referred to in clause 2(a) to oversee all ethical clearances which may be required under that legislation, codes and guidelines.

(d) If more than one ethics committee is nominated, you must indicate the respective areas of responsibility in such a way as to ensure no activity of yours is overseen by more than one ethics committee.

(e) Clause 2(b) only applies if your institution does not already have an ethics committee constituted in accordance with the legislation, codes and guidelines referred to in clause 2(a).

(f) When conducting or permitting the conduct of research pursuant to the field of research undertaken at facilities or services related to your usage which involves the use of ionising radiation, you must ensure that persons performing the procedures involving ionising radiation are appropriately trained and hold a relevant current licence from the appropriate State authority.

(g) The Sub-contractor must, whenever reasonably required by the University of Melbourne, provide written evidence of compliance with this clause 2.